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World-Class Stevedoring, Customer-focused and Cost-effective.

As one of the most experienced stevedoring companies in the Dominican Republic, our skilled professionals handle general, break-bulk, and project cargo in ports throughout the country.

We’ve been operating safely and responsibly in an industry known for its challenges. Our skilled stevedores, dedicated management team, and knowledgeable support personnel draw from decades of experience handling unique and challenging cargo.

We’ve earned a strong reputation for providing world-class stevedoring services by focusing on customer needs and quality service. Our people, operations, and core objectives are driven by a common goal: to deliver world-class service and exceptional customer care to our clients.

Our tireless pursuit of safety, quality, and operational excellence ensure we provide exceptional services tailored to each customer's specific needs safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

There is nothing we can’t handle: our reputation of excellence arises from our capacity to efficiently handle any type of cargo:

• Break Bulk, General Cargo & Project Cargo
• Steel
• Ro-Ro
• Containers
• Tankers

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