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Ship Agency

With decades of experience in the maritime industry, we are able to support any vessel type. We are professional and on time, and we work efficiently in order to maximize value for our clients.

Reputation is crucial in the shipping sector. CODONAVE is recognized for providing great service with a high degree of care and assistance to our Principals, from customs and inspection agents to ship's crew and dockworkers. For almost 45 years, CODONAVE Ship Agency has been a trusted partner in the shipping sector. We take pride in our reputation, which is built on honesty, dependability, and quality. 

This high degree of service is provided to a diverse variety of vessel types and sectors. Dry bulk freight, such as steel and building materials, is our specialty. Tanker handling is likewise a strong suit of ours.

Our staff has extensive knowledge in all aspects of the Port Agency industry, and we provide assistance for a wide variety of our operating operations to our customers. We realize the value of first-class operational performance and strive for it by offering our services with competence, creativity, and understanding, ensuring that we meet and surpass our customers' expectations.

We are familiar with the ship, its crew, and cargo requirements, as well as the requirements of owners, operators, charterers, inspectors, and customs. CODONAVE takes care of all areas of port services, from guaranteeing a safe and efficient berth, to taking care of crew requirements, vessel provisioning, and paperwork efficiency, to scheduling repairs and dry docks, all while keeping an eye on the cargo.

We are dedicated to exceeding our clients' expectations with our unique blend of knowledge, dependability, and experience.

Our team coordinates and supports all Kind of Vessels: - Petroleum & Chemical Tankers - Dry Bulk Cargoes - General Cargo - Support Vessels - Project Cargos - Tramp Shipping Activities - Scientific/Factory Vessels - Navy Vessels

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